A centrifugal force to be reckoned with.

Air-conditioner heat exchanger design has remained unchanged for over 100 years; until now. Traditional air-conditioners blow air over stationary finned-refrigerant coils which leads to fouling and drag, lowering overall efficiency. Our Rotary Heat Exchanger achieves much higher efficiency while significantly decreasing the cost of operation by combining a rotating heat exchanger with a centrifugal fan.


Partners and Grants

Autodesk Cleantech Partner
calSEED Partners with Nativus
Nativus Partners with NSF
Nativus Power is a Veteran Owned Small Business


Born from a desire to breathe fresh air into a stagnant industry, this innovative air-conditioning system from Nativus is an entirely new breed of ductless air-conditioner. It has been reengineered from the inside-out to be much more efficient at cooling than traditional room units, saving users a significant amount of money.

Lower Operating Expenses for HVAC

Lower Operating Expenses

Lighter and Easier HVAC Installation

Lighter & Easier Installation

Replacable Air Filter for Air-conditioner

Replacable Air Filter

Quieter Operation

Quieter Operation

wifi enabled air-conditioner



Management Team

Matt Miller CEO and Founder

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt received his Bachelor of Science degree in Astrospace Engineering from the US Naval Academy. After commissioning, he served aboard a ship where he was responsible for shipboard auxiliary and refrigeration systems. Upon leaving active duty, Matt founded GBL Geothermal, a leading energy consultancy, where he designed all-electric, sustainable heating and cooling systems. Matt is a LEED Professional and former member of Nevada’s Energy Efficiency Strike Force.

Dan Poirier COO and Founder

COO & Co-Founder

Dan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the US Naval Academy, and an Executive MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management. While in the Navy, he served as a Weapons Systems Officer with an F/A-18 Hornet squadron. Dan successfully managed multiple aircraft maintenance divisions and led numerous carrier flight operations and combat missions over Afghanistan and Iraq as a Mission Commander. Dan currently manages Nativus' day-to-day operations, including business development and fundraising.


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